Gen Z Unlocked: Strategies to Engage, Train, and Empower the New Generation

With 20 years of experience in the hotel, restaurant, and wine industries, Benedikt Bouillon's career has spanned roles from waiter and porter to senior management of ultra-luxury lodges such as Matakauri and Kauri Cliffs. His journey took him from Germany to London, Vienna, Melbourne, and New Zealand, working for renowned companies like Mandarin Oriental and Luxury Collection by Marriott, as well as boutique businesses like Adelphi Hotel and Stonyridge Vineyard. Benedikt founded Habit to give back to the hospitality industry, focusing on guest experience, leadership skills, and business strategy. His practical workshops and mentoring are based on real-world experience.

Gen Z Unlocked: Strategies to Engage, Train, and Empower the New Generation

As the newest cohort entering the workforce and emerging as significant consumers, Gen Z presents both opportunities and challenges for the hospitality industry. This presentation will explore strategies to effectively engage, train, and empower Gen Z as both employees and potential customers, providing insights into their distinct preferences and behaviours. 

 Understanding the multifaceted nature of Gen Z is crucial for hospitality leaders aiming to attract and retain top talent while also capturing the loyalty and patronage of this influential demographic. From their digital savviness to their preference for personalized experiences, Gen Z individuals bring a unique perspective that shapes both their role as employees and consumers within the hospitality sector. 

 The session will delve into innovative approaches to recruitment, onboarding, and talent development tailored to the needs and expectations of Gen Z employees, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of purpose, growth, and inclusion. Additionally, explore strategies for effectively reaching and engaging Gen Z consumers, leveraging social media, experiential marketing, and personalized offerings to create memorable experiences that resonate with their values and preferences. 

 Through a combination of best practices, case studies, and actionable insights, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively engage and empower Gen Z across both employee and customer dimensions of the hospitality industry. By equipping hospitality leaders with the tools and strategies to connect with Gen Z on multiple fronts, this session aims to position business owners for success in tapping into the potential of this influential generation. 

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